Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blog /Video Update

Hey Loves,

I've been a little busy lately because I'm setting up my room / vanity... I needed a little time to make everything perfect . I was going to buy a Vanity Girl Hollywood Vanity but those are 300 bucks... I watched some other Youtube Videos on DIY vanities and I really went crazy. I want to make an awesome room and share it with you! I'm a huge fan of room tours and makeup collections so I wanted to share with my followers my room! My Room is finished I just need more decoration and organization so a video should be up within the next week. I cant wait to show you what I've been working on!

In the meantime check out my other posts and videos!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Maleficent Makeup Tutorial!

Hey Loves,

           With Halloween coming quickly around the corner,  everyone is scrambling to find an awesome one of a kind costume!  Yes, we can all go to a Halloween Express and pick up a 35.00 costume and look average, BUT , If you really want to stand out it's much better if you make one yourself! I was at the Disney Store shopping for Maxwell (6 months old! ) and I spotted  a Maleficent figurine on the shelf. It made me think back to one of my FAVORITE Disney Princess movies Sleeping Beauty. I got inspired to do this video because she is the most evil of ALL the Disney Villians!!! Get READY !!! HAHAHAHAHA ( creepy witch voice! )

Face: Sephora Turqoise Eyeliner
          Sephora Lime Green Eyeshadow
Eyes: Sephora Black Eyeliner
          Lancome Mascara in Hypnose Black
          Too Faced The Bronzed and Beautiful Palatte - Powdered Sun
          Benefit - Lemon Aid Concealer ( for the yellow!)
          Urban Decay Mariposa Palatte in Rockstar
          Sephora Royal Purple
Lips: Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo
Brows: Sephora Black Eyeliner

Happy Halloween!

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September Birchbox

Hey Loves,

           I got my BIRCHBOX for September! I had a posting for my august box but I feel like it's too late to post about it since september is all ready in full swing.. anyway.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I got the best products as you will see in my video. I also have a link posted to Birchbox in case you want to join it too! They also list which products are in the box so you wont be left out. Some people got different items so I'm excited to see other videos and check out their loot as well!

         This is my second birchbox ever and I'm sooo happy with the products. I know that its a little crazy but I love samples more than full size.. I know I have a problem but that's something that I have to live with.. HA ! Check out my other videos as well. I'm a new blogger so the more traffic I get the more love I can spread. Enjoy!

Have fun!

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Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing - Exuberance

Hey Loves,

I found an awesome new color to add to my favorites list... It's Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Color in Exuberance and Panache. I got these in VIB sample kits from Sephora throughout the summer and I never really got a chance to use them or really test them out. I made a YOUTUBE video to express my new love for them! I'm also adding swatches and lip-pics to see the awesome finish! These colors also go with the season so you'll definitly stay in style!

I know you'll love them as much as I do !!!

I Love COMMENTS and FEEDBACK !!!! Love Goddess In Glasses <3 <3 <3