Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hey Loves,

Well I watched a show Big Brooklyn Style last night on TLC and I got inspired to go back to sewing... I love designing very costumey..SEXY yet tasteful...crazy outfits... not LADY GAGA crazy but very inspired outfits. You wont be able to wear them to the office or anything businessy however i'm going to wear some at my JOB... All of my designs are BLACK... I am a BLACKAHOLIC !!! Almost my ENTIRE WARDROBE is BLACK! It's so hard to wear colors... I have cellulite and too many CURVES so black covers it... i cant wear light colored jeans ... ughh ..I make black work for me... Thats why my MAKEUP  is so diverse!!!

ANYWAY ....back on track.... I'm going to post a few of my DESIGNS on here so you can get a small idea of the MADNESS in my HEAD!!!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey Loves,

Soo it was my FIRST week back at work and I must say that I looked better than EVER! I felt like crap but my hair and makeup were FLAWLESS ! I used Too Faced Natural Eye Set. It was a very smokey eye with lots of EYELINER and MASCARA to make it pop... I also experimented with a Sephora tinted lip balm in Starry Night ( purpleish brown). I really liked it! i looked very mature for my old age of 22 ! ( lol thats me trying to be funny )! I'll recreate it and post a picture.. I cant wait to try out different fun looks . ( i work in retail so I have the oppurtunity to go a little CRAZY  with my looks!!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hey Loves!

 I' been away because I just stared my summer classes to finish my associates degree.. I only needed 3 classes to finish so im excited!! Anyway I'm soooo EXCITED because I went to two different SEPHORA stores... one in JcPenny and the other in the MALL. I got a some Lorac baked mini bronzer 7$ Kat Von Dee Glitter pot 8$ Urban Decay Primer Mini 9$  and an eyelash curler 2$ .  Today I finally got my Clinique Foundation i've been after... I love MAC but my face LITERALLY looks like baseball DIRT after i use MAC foundation... its so dry and cakey.... I'd rather try another brand not so expensive... I dont want to use drug store foundation because i've done so in the past and its been an EPIC FAIL !!!  Anyway I realize that I have a huge shopping problem when I bought 26 $ foundation and was upset that I had to pay 12$ for a big box of baby wipes... lol ! I have ISSUES... GORGEOUS ISSUES... but ISSUES none the less !!!!

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Monday, May 14, 2012


I have a CONFESSION ....  or quite a FEW !

1.  I'M ADDICTED TO ANYTHING SPARKLY, PRETTY, BEAUTIFUL, SEQUINED ..ect ! Its a     TERRIBLE OBSESSION !  It's caused me to lose a TON of money and energy, time and SWEAT .

2. I have a lot of EVERYTHING .. as a lot of you out there !

3. I am  NOT a FASHIONISTA .... I don't wear MAJOR LABELS  ... I'd rather have a lot of EVERYTHING (cloths, shoes, jewelry, bags ...well maybe not bags !)

4. I am OBSESSED with my FACE... that sounds CONCEITED (... I  know! ) but If you aren't obsessed with yourself than who else will be... You need to LOVE yourself and LOVE the way your NATURAL face looks. I STARE at myself for HOURS.. it is a little insecurity because at one point I hated my FACE!

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This is my First Ever BLOG! I'm so excited to share with you a lot of my beauty secrets ,tips ,tutorials, reviews ,websites,products ...ect  I'm going to let everyone know the real ME. I will take you through my routines and hopefully inspire you to add a little more GLAMOUR and SPARK to your life! Clearly, I wear GLASSES !! It's a well known stereotype that women who wear GLASSES are supposed to be either NERDY or UNATTRACTIVE or UNDESIRABLE ....   I'm here to SHATTER that mold and break us out!! We don't need to wear EXPENSIVE contacts to COMPETE and look GORGEOUS!! We can ROCK IT and be HOT in FRAMES !!!   I'm ready LOVES !!

I Love COMMENTS and FEEDBACK !!!!  Love Goddess In Glasses <3 <3 <3