Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vanity Girl Hollywood !

This is my AMAZING Vanity from Vanity Girl Hollywood in Tabletop Starlet Black.
This vanity features: 6 salon grade dimming globe light bulbs , salon grade polished mirror,and a sturdy decorative frame.

It was $299.00 and totally worth every cent.It is my everything. This was a graduation present from my aunt in 2013, as well as a congratulations gift for getting into Rutgers University.  I have had it at my dorm for 2 years now and it is still fabulous.
 As you can see my Vanity Girl Hollywood is the centerpiece to my makeup. I only have about half of my makeup showing, but everything is clean and almost organized for the most part. If I have a date, however, this is NOT what it'll look like.
If you want to save money, check in on holidays for discounts. My aunt ordered mine on BLACK FRIDAY which got her 20% OFF! Always check the website for special discounts!

The link for this vanity is below.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Las Vegas Dinner Dress

My first night in Las Vegas we went to my sister's birthday dinner at Bellagio. I really wanted to look different and elegant but a hit of sexiness. My dress is from Fashion to Figure. It's a 3X and I love the Aztec print and the high lace neckline gives the dress a sexiness without showing my cleavage. I wore black wedges because I have to be comfortable. I love my body but I was a little insecure about my stomach but I loved the way I looked.  

 makeup was flawless with lashes. I wish I would've gotten a more detailed pic of my face.
Products I used on my face:                                                                
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Benefit Bad Gal Lash - Black
Rimmel Kohl eyeliner- Black
Benefit Erase Paste - Medium 2
Clinique Foundation- Deep Neutral
Kiss Natural Lashes - Hollywood 2

OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number

I'm really loving this Hot Electric Blue Nail Color from OPI. It was from their Muppet's Most Wanted Collection called Miss Piggy's Big Number. I put about 3/4 coats on because it is a little opaque at first , but then the layers packed on and it's so pretty. It is a nice shimmering sapphire that optimizes Miss Piggy's grace and beauty.  I put a Top Coat on that had red, white, and blue stars from Five Below.

Welcome Spring 2015

It is finally Spring! This Winter practically killed me. This winter was a rough one for me because I was caught in a whirlwind romance that took me away from my blog and into loveland. Well that ship crashed and burned so ... I'm back!  I hate that I get so caught up in the "WE" phase and not the "I" phase in relationships. I'm a Cancer so it's in my nature to do this. I have a TON of big plans for this year. My blog will expand to FASHION! I love cloths and I have great style so ..get ready. Also I'm setting up either an Etsy or TopHatter account to sell my awesome cloths to you guys! My YouTube will also be attached to these and I'm working on something HUGE! I'll let you know later on when everything is set in stone. So excited to reintroduce you to this GoddessinGlasses.