Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Trend Alert: Purple Colored Hair.

                                                                        Katy Perry
There once was a girl who decided to buy purple extensions and put them in her hair. She thought they would look gorgeous because she herself was gorgeous. Her inspiration was a picture of Jordan Sparks with a mix of purples/ pinks/ and blues in her hair. This girl thought that having purple hair would be amazing. The results were a success! She loved the purple hair. She also did her makeup to match the purple hair. This is how it turned out. I was 21 when I decided to do this. Please note that this is me, Pre-beauty blog and Pre- baby! I should've started my blog then, but I was too busy doing crazy things like this. Now that colored hair is trending again, I decided to share my pictures with the world. I also have these pics on my Instagram!

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