Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Just finished my 6 week classes.. one more left!!! 7 weeks and I'll have my A.A in Liberal Arts!!!  Soo happy! Then I could dedicate my online time to blogging and helping you guys look beautiful!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tutorial Post!!!

Soo I did a few tutorials last week but because of my finals I haven't been able to post them  One is a brow with max... I'm going to label those Mommy Goddess for the busy moms. I also have another for the face.. im posting them on youtube and linking the account so you guys can check them out!!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sorry guys

Hey Loves,

 I know it's been a while since i last posted .. but It's tough being a GLAM GODDESS MOMMY! My classes are almost over so I can devote my time to Blogging and YouTubing and Twittering....

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Sephora Mini Haul !

Hey Loves,

Well as you all know.. I have a SEPHORA problem.I recently posted that the one by my job didn't have my 3D Luster well I went to the Woodbridge Mall, NJ and they TOTALLY HAD IT!.FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The service wasn't that great but what can you expect.. The employees were caught up with some teenagers ..maybe it was there prom or graduation... I'll be nice and give them an excuse for COMPLETELY IGNORING ME... whatever.. I got LORAC 3D LIQUID LUSTRE in DIAMOND and GOLD . I can't wait to post pics and tutorials of me using them !! so happy ! I also couldn't resist the trial sizes of products by the register so I added a TARTE deluxe primer trio. Cant wait to show you guys.. hopefully my face clears up..ahhh!  : )

MY RED FACE !! Progress

Hey Loves,

So It's been a few days and my face doenst BURN anymore however the skin is soo raw.. i've tried to cover it up but since the skin cells were Burned off the makeup didn't take. I tried MINERAL, LIQUID,CREAM, foundation and nothing worked... I finally bought some Beauty Cream from Walmart to calm the skin...I have to slather it on so hopefully it heals! I'm going to be updating you with my progress. : (

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hey Loves,

I'm extremely upset and I'm PAIN ! This morning I used an old Sample of Philosopy's Hope in a Jar and I think I'm breaking out! I've never broken out from any cosmetics... ughh! I also didnt clean my foundation brush in 2 days so that might have added to the irritation... that's the problem with me... I'm not as meticulous as I should be with my brushes... LADIES .. PAY ATTENTION.. CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES AND THROW AWAY OLD MOISTURIZER!!! I wouldn't throw away any other products.... Its a waste of money ... Professional Makeup artists don't throw away their cosmetics... but MOISTURIZER ... This is going in the trash... I need an ice pack because my face BURNS!!! No Bueno! I had to put on my favorite lipstick to show you how RED and IRRITATED my FACE IS !!! ( Maybelline COLORsensational 160 Fifth Ave FUCHSIA!!!) WHERE'S MY ICE PACK??????!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

GLAM Makeup Tutorial!!!

This is my first Makeup tutorial!! I used a lot of makeup! which I'm going to tell you about in it. I said it was going to be 5 minutes but thats not how it turned out... Clearly! Anyway Im super proud of myself . In addition to this blog i'm going to simultaneously post on here and YouTube. Im still going to blog.. maybe i'll video blog... one thing at a time.. Im going to post my link to Youtube.. Im so excited!! yaa!!

Well im trying to post it but its not taking... so here's the Link!!

Sephora Shopping!

Hey Loves,

So  I broke down and went to Sephora to get one thing... Lorac Diamond 3D Lustre which is 16$ ...well they were sold out so instead I healed my wounds by buying the following : Too Faced The Bronzed and Beautiful -French Riviera Bronzing Collection 38$, Buxom Lip Polish in Gabby 18$, Sephora eyeliner in Glitter Kaki 11$, and Sephora Brush Trio 7$... so 79 $$ later I left without my eye luster... yea.. its a problem!!! Something good came out of it though... I just did a tutorial on my Too Faced Bronzer Set... That will be up like now!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Hey Loves,

Im posting the few pics of my crazy costumes.... very raunchy ... i know.. my bodies in my scetckes are thick like size 8-14   thick.. small tummy but big thighs  and big boobs... what woman out there doesnt want a hot Marilyn Monroe body!!  Here ya go guys... tell me what you think!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hey Loves,

Well tonight I got a BOOK idea while I was feeding max his bottle... how inspiration hits someone is NUTS! I've always wanted to write a book on beauty since high school... I actually started one called "Flirting will get you everywhere : a girls guide to flirt your way to the top!" Well that didn't pop off because I felt like it was promoting promiscuity ... I know that thats all around us but at the time I didnt want to seem like a ( for lack of a better word) HOE ! lol anyway , I know its going to be a BEAUTY book. I know that if I really want this to work I'll have to be smart and make time for everything... I feel like I want to create my destiny! I want to be a MOGUL! not like Kim K (whom I love) but a small fish in the big pond... I want to b published and have a physical piece of my GLAMOUROUS self out there for someone like me who needs a boost! I cant give away too many details on the book because it was just a burst of BRILLIANCE...maybe MAX is my CREATIVE MALE MUSE??? hmmm....

Friday, June 1, 2012


Hey Loves,

Well.... I finally stopped breastfeeding Max... I've been a little SICK and INFERMED ( I hope thats a word!)
I've been on these antibiotics which cause me to stop breastfeeding anyway and I just decided that It would be better to stop ! Well now that that's OVER... I've decided to stop eating EVERYTHING and start my long awaited WEIGHT LOSS  adventure...I got a GYM membership in May 2011 .. little did I know I'd get PREGNANT in June 2011.. I continued to pay for it like the GENIUS that I am and I still havent gone... I dont want to do anything like weight watchers.. I need some suggestions.. I'm 285! I dont think diet pills will take off enough of what I got!! Having Max totally ruined my WAIST.. now i'm a SAUSAGE with HUGE 44F boobs!! So annoying... I have an okay shape.. I've accepted it..I love it and shop for it.. but I'm too close to 300 lbs!! No bueno.... I'm only 22 but I need to get this together so I wont be on the wrong FOOD path  (which could totally happen because I have FAT ATTACKS where I eat any and everything just because)! I made Dunkin Hines Triple Chocolate Brownies and ate half of the pan ! That's a Problem... ANYWAY.. I might try ALLI.. i'll  do more research before I buy it... I'll keep you posted!!

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