Monday, January 14, 2013

Wet N Wild Nail Polish!

Hey Loves,

 My newest obsession is Wet N Wild Nail Polish in  Sunny Side Up! It's A pale orange! I put 3 coats on and it lasts. This polish is absolutely perfect for my skin color! I wanted something to perk up my hands... all winter I wore reds , pinks, silvers, glitters... ect. So I just decided to be DIFFERENT and It payed off! I got sooooo many complements on the color! It's not a Pumpkin Halloween orange so it can be pulled of in January!! It was only 99 cents!! What a bargain! I love all Wet N Wild products so this polish adds to the love!

p.s. Max was trying to grab my nail polish as I was painting so it's not perfect!! Be nice!!

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