Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why I'm NOT excited about Urban Decay: Naked 3 debut.

Hey Loves,

This post is strictly MY opinion and as a customer/beauty addict/shopping addict/target audience I reserve the right to comment.

I'm not excited about the new release of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for a number of reasons

1: It's tag line is "12  NEVER BEFORE SEEN COLORS!"Of course they are. Urban Decay has unique, highly pigmented, crazy colors! They have never really had a lot of  "soft rosey, nude" colors before.
2: It's way overpriced for the amount of "NEW" colors you get.#myopinion
3: I was expecting different packaging. The already Naked palettes are extremely hard to put in a makeup bag or travel with.
4: I've seen them up close and they are in fact NAKED!. The pigments are too NUDE. I get the idea of Naked and why they wanted this one to be more, IN FACT, Naked but there is such a thing as too nude.

I am in the same skin color family as one of my all time FAVORITE beauty bloggers Temptalia  . She swatched the colors on her skin and most of the colors hardly showed up. You can see her compare and contrast in full detail (#amazingdetail) each color to both NAKED and NAKED 2.

If you follow my blog at ALL you would know that my style is very pretty and bridal. My main goal in life is to look like a bride EVERY SINGLE DAY! ( Yea, I'm a little nuts..hense the name Goddess In Glasses). I DO LOVE the COLORS. They are right up my alley and under any other BRAND I would purchase.

I'm not saying that I wont end up buying it but as a customer I am not that impressed. It DOES look like an awesome palette for makeup artist and budding beauties to have in their collections. I think that it is in FACT a very BRIDAL, GODDESS-esque , palette and with any OTHER brand or under any OTHER name I would be excited, BUT for URBAN DECAY I am not. I love that they called it NAKED because as I already stated, it does blend in, but I am not that impressed. Maybe I'm comparing this to the first two palatts too much because they are SO DIFFERENT , and I know that they spent a LONG time specifically picking each color and naming them accordingly. I'm not denouncing their reserach, I am just not HYPED about this DEBUT. I am not clammoring to the stores or adding this to my christmas list because I am not as impressed as I thought it would be.

Maybe I am living in the past. Maybe I am so used to Urban Decay's overly glittery and insane colors that I'm not moving in the new brands direction. They are going from GLAM PUNK ROCK to MINIMAL,SOFT, NAKED PRETTY. They are taking their NAKED line all the way:BB Cream, Foundation, Lip Gloss, Eyeliner, Face Powder, NAKED BASICS, Pressed Foundation. Maybe I'm not used to the NEW, NAKED direction but I'm just not that HYPED about it.
I'm not denouncing them as a brand and in fact I love their products, but I loved them for their awesome pigments and crazy colors. I feel like the amazing SUCCESS the original NAKED palette attracted made them shift and forge a new direction with their brand. Originality is key to this business because there are so many competitors and options for consumers to choose from that you MUST create a new path way.

I'm all for expanding and forming new & fresh ideas but they trampled over their already amazing brand. " If it aint broke dont fix it." At the end of the day it's all bout Money and what sells. The NAKED brand is SO successful and  SO profitable, that at a business point of view,  I know exactly why they would want to create a Trilogy of eyeshadows, however as a consumer, I don't have to buy it just because it has the URBAN DECAY name on it.

As I've been writing this post I've been wondering if I'm going to put this on my Christmas list. Will I ask someone to spend $52.00  on a makeup palatte simply because it's "Pretty" or just to say that I own it? Is OWNING it and not using it better than NOT OWNING it and rehashing reasons why I wont buy it? I will probably make a guy buy it for me ( guys always buy girls stuff to impress them..especially glam chicks that DEMAND this sort of ). I will eventually own it at some point in 2014 because it is so PRETTY but I'm not caught up in the DEMAND or EXCITEMENT to BUY it RIGHT NOW.


  1. I bought this palette and I really like it but I can see what you mean. I didn't have any other UD palettes and I almost bought the Naked 2, but then I got Stila in The Light instead and those are pretty similar. This one was different than anything I had. I was kind of bummed it just came with a bunch of sample sizes of their primers instead of a travel sized thing like in the other palettes... I just think thats crappy lol.