Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Welcome Spring 2015

It is finally Spring! This Winter practically killed me. This winter was a rough one for me because I was caught in a whirlwind romance that took me away from my blog and into loveland. Well that ship crashed and burned so ... I'm back!  I hate that I get so caught up in the "WE" phase and not the "I" phase in relationships. I'm a Cancer so it's in my nature to do this. I have a TON of big plans for this year. My blog will expand to FASHION! I love cloths and I have great style so ..get ready. Also I'm setting up either an Etsy or TopHatter account to sell my awesome cloths to you guys! My YouTube will also be attached to these and I'm working on something HUGE! I'll let you know later on when everything is set in stone. So excited to reintroduce you to this GoddessinGlasses.

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