Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lorac 3D Lustre! Swatch/ Review

Hey Loves,

       I finally used my Lorac 3D Luster and I must say I'm suprised! I absolutley love love love my Lorac 3D Luster! Its very three dimentional and sparkley! It is highly pigmented and it really stays on without the need of primer. I still use primer but you dont have to. You can use the 3D luster by itself or on top of a shadow. As you can see below I made a smokey eye with  brown and silver eyeshadow and added each luster on top. It was very very shiny and pretty. I really loved the outcome. The only down side is that it comes out very watery and it takes a little while to dry. You can blend it in with a firm crease brush to spread the luster and dry faster. !!! I did one side of my face with the Gold and the other side Diamond so you can see the clear difference.

        Each one was 16$$$  which is affordable. I wish I made a video on it  ( sad face!  )  so I could show you how I achieved this look! I hope you like it!    I'll just keep that in mind next time...

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