Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey Loves,

Soo it was my FIRST week back at work and I must say that I looked better than EVER! I felt like crap but my hair and makeup were FLAWLESS ! I used Too Faced Natural Eye Set. It was a very smokey eye with lots of EYELINER and MASCARA to make it pop... I also experimented with a Sephora tinted lip balm in Starry Night ( purpleish brown). I really liked it! i looked very mature for my old age of 22 ! ( lol thats me trying to be funny )! I'll recreate it and post a picture.. I cant wait to try out different fun looks . ( i work in retail so I have the oppurtunity to go a little CRAZY  with my looks!!

I Love COMMENTS and FEEDBACK !!!!  Love Goddess In Glasses <3 <3 <3

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