Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hey Loves!

 I' been away because I just stared my summer classes to finish my associates degree.. I only needed 3 classes to finish so im excited!! Anyway I'm soooo EXCITED because I went to two different SEPHORA stores... one in JcPenny and the other in the MALL. I got a some Lorac baked mini bronzer 7$ Kat Von Dee Glitter pot 8$ Urban Decay Primer Mini 9$  and an eyelash curler 2$ .  Today I finally got my Clinique Foundation i've been after... I love MAC but my face LITERALLY looks like baseball DIRT after i use MAC foundation... its so dry and cakey.... I'd rather try another brand not so expensive... I dont want to use drug store foundation because i've done so in the past and its been an EPIC FAIL !!!  Anyway I realize that I have a huge shopping problem when I bought 26 $ foundation and was upset that I had to pay 12$ for a big box of baby wipes... lol ! I have ISSUES... GORGEOUS ISSUES... but ISSUES none the less !!!!

 I Love COMMENTS and FEEDBACK !!!!  Love Goddess In Glasses <3 <3 <3

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