Monday, May 14, 2012


I have a CONFESSION ....  or quite a FEW !

1.  I'M ADDICTED TO ANYTHING SPARKLY, PRETTY, BEAUTIFUL, SEQUINED ..ect ! Its a     TERRIBLE OBSESSION !  It's caused me to lose a TON of money and energy, time and SWEAT .

2. I have a lot of EVERYTHING .. as a lot of you out there !

3. I am  NOT a FASHIONISTA .... I don't wear MAJOR LABELS  ... I'd rather have a lot of EVERYTHING (cloths, shoes, jewelry, bags ...well maybe not bags !)

4. I am OBSESSED with my FACE... that sounds CONCEITED (... I  know! ) but If you aren't obsessed with yourself than who else will be... You need to LOVE yourself and LOVE the way your NATURAL face looks. I STARE at myself for HOURS.. it is a little insecurity because at one point I hated my FACE!

 I Love COMMENTS and FEEDBACK !!!!  Love Goddess In Glasses <3 <3 <3

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