Friday, June 8, 2012

Sephora Mini Haul !

Hey Loves,

Well as you all know.. I have a SEPHORA problem.I recently posted that the one by my job didn't have my 3D Luster well I went to the Woodbridge Mall, NJ and they TOTALLY HAD IT!.FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The service wasn't that great but what can you expect.. The employees were caught up with some teenagers ..maybe it was there prom or graduation... I'll be nice and give them an excuse for COMPLETELY IGNORING ME... whatever.. I got LORAC 3D LIQUID LUSTRE in DIAMOND and GOLD . I can't wait to post pics and tutorials of me using them !! so happy ! I also couldn't resist the trial sizes of products by the register so I added a TARTE deluxe primer trio. Cant wait to show you guys.. hopefully my face clears up..ahhh!  : )

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