Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hey Loves,

Well tonight I got a BOOK idea while I was feeding max his bottle... how inspiration hits someone is NUTS! I've always wanted to write a book on beauty since high school... I actually started one called "Flirting will get you everywhere : a girls guide to flirt your way to the top!" Well that didn't pop off because I felt like it was promoting promiscuity ... I know that thats all around us but at the time I didnt want to seem like a ( for lack of a better word) HOE ! lol anyway , I know its going to be a BEAUTY book. I know that if I really want this to work I'll have to be smart and make time for everything... I feel like I want to create my destiny! I want to be a MOGUL! not like Kim K (whom I love) but a small fish in the big pond... I want to b published and have a physical piece of my GLAMOUROUS self out there for someone like me who needs a boost! I cant give away too many details on the book because it was just a burst of BRILLIANCE...maybe MAX is my CREATIVE MALE MUSE??? hmmm....