Friday, June 1, 2012


Hey Loves,

Well.... I finally stopped breastfeeding Max... I've been a little SICK and INFERMED ( I hope thats a word!)
I've been on these antibiotics which cause me to stop breastfeeding anyway and I just decided that It would be better to stop ! Well now that that's OVER... I've decided to stop eating EVERYTHING and start my long awaited WEIGHT LOSS  adventure...I got a GYM membership in May 2011 .. little did I know I'd get PREGNANT in June 2011.. I continued to pay for it like the GENIUS that I am and I still havent gone... I dont want to do anything like weight watchers.. I need some suggestions.. I'm 285! I dont think diet pills will take off enough of what I got!! Having Max totally ruined my WAIST.. now i'm a SAUSAGE with HUGE 44F boobs!! So annoying... I have an okay shape.. I've accepted it..I love it and shop for it.. but I'm too close to 300 lbs!! No bueno.... I'm only 22 but I need to get this together so I wont be on the wrong FOOD path  (which could totally happen because I have FAT ATTACKS where I eat any and everything just because)! I made Dunkin Hines Triple Chocolate Brownies and ate half of the pan ! That's a Problem... ANYWAY.. I might try ALLI.. i'll  do more research before I buy it... I'll keep you posted!!

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